Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Keep those flamingos coming

We thought that the flamingo migration to the breeding grounds in Rio Lagartos had ended but today we heard them honking (they sound like geese) and were treated to them flying overhead and circling around the beach. Chief got these beautiful shots from our deck overlooking the Gulf.I was out swimming a while later and was treated to a fly-over while I was floating around. Pinch, Pinch. A while later, Chief took a ride to the ria ( a swampy area south of us that the flamingos gather in to feed) and saw thousands of them. He has promised me a better picture than the one he took today so look for that in a future post! I can hardly think of a neater sight to see than these beautiful birds flying by our casa. Make sure to click on the top picture for an awesome closeup. Okay, click on the bottom one, too!

Neighborhood iguana

Joan and Chief's new best friend

Tuli is the newest addition to our family. She's about 5 months old and belonged to our good pals Candace and Fil, from Vancouver Island. We were looking for a dog and had a good prospect, Chocolat, but her owner gave her away before we could get her. However, we think this was for the best. We have known Tuli since she was a puppy and we just love her. She is a very mellow, obedient dog and already knows to respect Foggy, the fightin' granny. Thelma just disappears! Right now she is transitioning into our household and we are babysitting her for a few hours. I know Candace and Fil are really sad to give her up, but she will have a great life here with us. She's hit the dog lottery twice!

Just another beautiful day in Paradise

Fun with shells

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just another beautiful sunset

Not the Orange Blossom Special, but good enough

We have not seen any trains in Mexico until this one decided to cross the road in front of us on the way into Merida. As soon as it got close to us it unleashed a blast that we could feel deep inside as well as hear. We got used to trains at all hours of the day and night in Amarillo. We weren't close to the tracks but the air is so clear there that the sound really carried and you could hear the wheels on the tracks. We rarely hear a siren out here on the beach and certainly no trains. If I was thinking properly, I would have shot a video of this so you could hear the train and it's incredibly loud whistle. If I sound a bit Hemingway-esque I apologize. I happen to be reading True at First Light and his books always influence the way I think and write when I'm in the middle of them. Anyway, here is the train and we were both happy to see and hear this massive beast.

Girls day out in Merida marketplace

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fruit market in Progreso

Leaf-cutter ants at work and the iguana is safe

They come out at night and carve up whatever tender young plant is available. Very industrious. Hopefully Dan killed them all. This used to be a beautiful watermelon plant until the little buggers had their way with it. Maybe it'll come back. Until then, all the other plants will be up on the deck. And the iguana doesn't have to live in fear of his life.

Pinch, Pinch

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Horse Trailer

I'm amazed that the horses don't misbehave in this trailer!

Princess and the Pea

Thelma will sit up on top of just about anything you can make a pile of. She took possesion of this pile for several days before she got bored with it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A day trip with a bunch of pals

We went on a great day trip to the towns of Komchen and Noc-Ac. There were ten of us in a big van and two Harleys. There was a really cute little place to eat in Komchen. The menu was chicken, pork or beef, all fried. we all got the chicken to make it a bit easier on the lady who owned the store. We had really strong Mexican coffee and a wonderful lunch. Lots of onions, but we all ate them so it didn't matter. It cost about 35 pesos each (about $2.50 USD). After lunch we went to a really neat nursery across the street and bought a bunch of plants. Then we went to the cenote Noc-Ac. It was in the middle of a field at the end of a washboard road. Despite its inital foreboding look, we all had a great time in the cool refreshing water.