Monday, January 11, 2010

Wire wrapping

Finally...I'm doing something with all the seaglass and beach tile I've collected over the past 16 months. I've been wanting to wire wrap some of the beautiful glass and tile I picked up and make necklaces out of it. After a bit of badgering, Nancy Gerlach brought her box of goodies over to my casa and we figured out how to do it. The pendant on the right side with te heavier wire was the first one. We quickly decided to switch to a finer gauge so we didn't tweak our fingers! I think they came out great, and so did a bunch of other gals. This Thursday we get to do it again. Fun, huh? As Chief says, " Good utilization of resources."

People watching

It's a busy day in Progreso, and everyone is out. Chief parked himself at a busy intersection and took some great pictures of the locals as they went out and about. I particularly like the picture of the newspaper seller...his hand is so expressive.


These flamingos were just noshing away in the ria in Chelem. They were pretty close to shore. Just one more groovy thing about living in Mexico.


The garden is looking good! Tasting that way, too. We've had peppers, cherry tomatoes and now squash is coming in. Maybe we'll even get some carrots as well.

A touch of color

This is our out-of-control bougainvilla. It's not even a year old! It grows like crazy by the front door because of the rich composty earth that Chief concocted. It's really neat looking out of the house and seeing it arch over the door. One bad thing: thorns an inch and a half long. One good thing: those thorns deter the casual intruder!

Endlessly fascinating