Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maggi and Rosie Upstairs

I am not allowed upstairs without my shadow. If I am outside on either of the upstairs decks, she has to be there. Ever since she learned what "up" was, she wants to be "up" there! And when I go down the stairs, I always have to let her go first, lest she run me down! She's big! I remember a few months ago, she and Tuli weighed the same, 19.5 kilos, or about 43 ponds. This moose is easily a third bigger than Tuli now.

Here she is with her pal, Rosie, who is the boss and doesn't take any guff from the dogs. Rosie's secret hiding place is the roof of our house, or the roof of our friend's house across the street. She was raised around dogs and has no fear. But she can move like lightning when she wants. Maggi will frequently like Rosie up one side and down the other. Rosie usually just takes it.

Blah at first, then WOW! at the end...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's getting closer!

Soon the sun will set behind the spit of land which is the Chuburna lighthouse jetty. Then , for several months it will set further and further away from the Gulf, until it creeps back at the end of January and starts setting on the Gulf again. We had a celebration last time, and will probably have a celebration next time!

Telchac Puerto

This is the Villa Del Mar restaurant in Telchac Puerto, a small beach town about 30 miles east of us. After measuring some windows for a curtain sewing job, my pal Joan McBurney and I had lunch at this little seaside restaurant. The place was deserted, as it was only 12:30, and there was a little boy getting ready to take a nap in his hammock. The pier is a new one and people fish from it, and gather and share stories , food and a couple of beers. We had two very different shrimp dishes, and went away full. I'll go back!

Bougainvillea gone crazy

It looks like a giant, frilly, pink pompom. This particular pompom was about eight inches across. not like a normal bougainvillea!

Good dogs,and buffalo

Coming out of Progreso today we had to do a looked like a line of really well behaved dogs at first glance. Yes, I need glasses! But these are really cute carved animals. And the guys who sell them also sell car mats and dashboard covers. Go figure.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beauty in my Garden

I love this combo of orange hibiscus and fuschia bougainvillea. They are getting along in the garden pretty well, but I think the bougainvillea is going to crowd out the hibiscus soon. Hopefully we can separate them without any casualties!