Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carry a big stick

Looks like fun

They flly by every now and then. We want to go, but it costs the earth. Looks like fun, though.

Sunrise, Moonset

They're Back!

For months we have not seen a soul on our beach. You could walk a mile in each direction and be all by yourself. But now it is Semana Santa, Holy Week (actually 3 weekends, two weeks) and here come all the Mexicans on their spring holiday. Their houses might stand vacant for 11 months a year, but they are here in force in the spring. A lot of them will be back for the summer as well. It is wall to wall people and they zoom around on scooters, ATVs, horses, jeeps, you name it. Music plays 24/7 and there are people on the beach and in the water all the time...even really late at night! Then we get our beach back. It is great people watching and all kinds of vendors come around. We are really glad when September comes though.

It's Semana Santa

It's Semana Santa, or Holy Week and the Rio Norte Campamiento Christianos are here. They stay up really late at night, singing and partying on our beach. Their compound is directly south of us a few hundred yards and we can hear and see everything they do! Here they are having baptisms in the Gulf right in front of our house. Then they have a sermon in front of our neighbor's house...he's not home! Of course we sent him a picture of the whole gang camped on his doorstep. He'll be here in April and hopefully all the Christianos will be gone by then.
Otherwise, they will be treated to a wild-eyed Cuban American when they serenade him at 6:00 AM Sunday morning. It will be scary for both sides.

Bad Dog

Chance is the humper. Tuli is the humpee. We think Chance is overly optimistic. Thank heavens they are both spayed and neutered.

Another beautiful sunset

Military Action

We rarely see any air traffic, or even anyone going by in a boat. These guys were looking for two fishermen lost at sea when their boat sank. The other fishermen clung to a refrigerator and were eventually rescued.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A sad day

Our beloved kitty, Foggy, our little friend for almost 17 years, passed away peacefully in Chief's arms on Monday, Feb 22. We knew she was at the end of her life and kept her warm and comfortable. She loved to be held and didn't seem to be in pain. As my friend Linda said, she has left a cat shaped hole in our hearts. She is buried under the palapa where she spent many happy hours in dozing in the warm sand. Rest in peace, Fogmeister, we'll miss you.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Puppy Pics

We just got these cute puppy pictures of Tuli (and her sister Ruby) from Tuli's first human mom and dad, Candace and Phil. We never thought Tuli would get as big as she did! Just shows what a good diet can do.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Foggy and Tuli

They are pretty cute together. Tuli is very patient; she has a maternal streak in her a mile wide. Here they are touching feet.

Road Trip

We took a little road trip Saturday. Headed east as far as we could go to a teeny town called Dzilam Bravo. That part of the Yucatan coast is very sparsely populated with big stretches of scrubby beach vegetation interspersed with coconut plantations and small villages. Our little road trip lasted until almost 7 PM and ended with a dinner at Buddy's...shrimp fajitas and steak arrechera, both delicious.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Real Mexico

Here is a little slideshow of some of our favorite photos, shot for the most part by Chief, accompanied by the incomparable James Taylor. Turn up your sound and enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a good dog

Tuli is the best dog...she lets Foggy crawl all over her, drink from her water dish, and walk underneath her while she eats. Really a mellow dog. I guess our phrase "leave that cat alone" really sunk in!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here's a picture of Foggy in her younger days taken by my sister Carol.

Foggy and Tuli

Foggy keeps on ticking. She came downstairs today and walked around for a while. She walked right over Tuli as if she were a pile of laundry. Tuli just laid there and let her walk all over her. I was lucky to get these cute shots of the two of them. We will miss Foggy so much; she's been a part of our lives for almost 17 years and has been the best cat ever.