Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weather Report

The clouds over the Gulf are always mesmerizing. You can't look away; you might miss something.

Monday, October 19, 2009


We had a nice clean beach a few days ago...then we had a norte. It started out as "a significant wind event" and continued with an hours worth of rain that flooded the upstairs bedrooms- even with the sliding doors shut! Then the wind increased to about 35 mph for three days (so far) and then a whole bunch of seaweed was deposited on our beach. Two good things: Tuli thinks it's wonderful to roll in and a ton of shells came with it. Just like last year, we seem to have been blessed with the most seaweed. Aren't we lucky. At least it doesn't smell too bad!

Custom paint job

I just know that this vehicle was painted with house paint, and maybe with a roller! It is very cute, however.

Thelma puts in a DVD

Actually, I think she was after a gecko!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jewels for the Chief

I made the Chief some new jewelry to try out my new beads from Fire Mountain Gems; just love that place. The bracelet beads are Delicas and they are like tiny tiles and practically click into place when using peyote stitch. The bracelet pattern came from a Beadwork magazine and was in shades of pink, purple and blues and inclused lots if crystals, very feminine. I de-foofified the design and made it in red, yellow, orange and black, proper colors for a retired fire chief. (jefe de bomberos jubilado) The necklace is just regular seed beads in matte reggae colors crocheted in a spiral pattern. He wears it all the time, so I guess he likes it.

Another sunset in paradise

A ribbon of moonlight

Play date

Well, here we are again...Tuli and her doggie buddies, Remmy and Coco are wrestling around on the beach. I am amazed that nobody ever seems to be injured in spite of all the teeth showing. All in good fun, I guess. Remmy thinks he'll take advantage of the wrestling match the girls are having to have a happy ending. And he's fixed, too! Like we say here in Mexico, "No mas huevos".

Friday, October 2, 2009

Because he can

Why did Chief wallow around in the surf?

Because he could. That's why!

Duct tape rocks

I was sewing a cushion cover when the power went out. It flickered for several minutes and then decided to stay out. I was in the sewing mode, so this really frustrated me. I tried to just turn the wheel by hand and this was OK for about two minutes until it made my hand hurt. So MacGuyver (Chief) came up with this idea using what else, duct tape. It actually worked quite well, but the coordination of the driver and the sewer left something to be desired. All this left me wanting a new treadle style antique-y Singer machine that they actually sell for about 1500 pesos in Big Home, a warehouse kind of store. And then the power came back on!

What a life

Here she is in Kurt and Gina's pool. Their dog won't go in, but Tuli hasno problem!