Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beach Clean-up

We noticed a group of Mexicans with rakes and shovels on our beach this afternoon. They raked up seaweed and junk on the beach and buried the organic stuff in big holes they dug. The other garbage went into big black bags which hopefully will be taken away before the street dogs get to them. They looked like the same group that works in Chelem and Chuburna cleaning the streets. After their day is over, they get paid, we are thinking, as an assistance program of sorts. The beach looks pretty good, and there is a big pile of trash bags ready to go!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We found these flamingos on the way to dinner at Elio's in Progreso. The water in the ria was so still you could see mirror images of the strangebut beautiful birds.

The Big Six-O

Hey, all these shots are backwards! It was supposed to be a surprise, and it was, all the way up to when we turned in to go to Taco Maya instead of continuing on to Progreso and Elio's, where we were supposed to meet John and Sue for pasta.
The jig was up when I saw all the cars of our friends, so I decided to go in guns blazing, camera flashing, yelling "Surprise!" That got a big laugh, and I maaged to get some good shots of everybody with their mouths wide open. We had two types of tamales, ceviche, pizza and two birthday cakes. The highlight of the evening was Sue's special birthday song to me, sung to the tune of Y-M-C-A. The four gals with the letter cards behind her were supposed to put the cards up in order for the chorus, J-O-A-N, etc. Of course, they were in the wrong position. Sue couldn't tell, but I was facing them, and laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes. They finally figured it out and shuffled around, which made it even funnier. My face still hurts. It was a great party, and it was nice to celebrate with our friends we have made over the past three years. My gift from the group was a Kindle! Yeehaw. I had dropped a few hints and somebody heard the thumps. I spent part of the afternoon with Buzz getting it set up and downloading some books. I am a happy camper, and I have to say that if you are turning 60, do it down here. Thank you to my sweet husband, friends Sue, and Carol and Stig for his valiant effort to deliver pizzas in the face of adversity!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Orange Hibiscus

My orange hibiscus has been blooming like mad for months...sometimes with seven blooms at one time. You could lose yourself in the intense colors of these beautiful flowers. Thanks to Chief for the beautiful photographs.

End of the World?

Born to Fish

This little boy was showing off his net throwing skills for his brother and dad. He had great technique, and threw the net in the approved Mexican style, which is to put part of it in your mouth before flinging. Not easy! Just ask Chief.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Out for a stroll

In New York City, you see people walking multiple dogs; here in Mexico, you see people walking multiple pigs.

Lleno de Magna

Only in Mexico would you see this! One of the first Spanish phrases you learn down here is "lleno de Magna, por favor", which means fill it with Magna (unleaded, not premium). This picture has been cracking me up for months, and it needs to be here, if only for posterity.

Water like glass

Three fishing boats headed out on a mirror-like surface. You can barely discern the horizon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Subtle Sunset

It was subtle, but pretty.

It's always siesta time

Friends Rhonda and Sophia were driving through the village of Chelem when they saw this very innovative place to put that Mexican trademark....the hammock. Seems that it's always a good time to grab a siesta! Thanks to Sophia for a one-of-a-kind shot

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ho hum....another awesome sunset..yawn...

I can't get over the wonderful sunsets in the summer. Each one is more dazzling than the night before. I can't stop myself from taking pictures of every one, anymore than I can ignore a really awesome piece of beach glass or tile on my daily walk with the dogs.