Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ah, paradise!

Another darn dog post

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's another dog post. I can't help it if they are entertaining!


A big moth flew into the house last night. This morning, it fluttered out and Chief took some pictures of it. I think it was at the end of its life as it fluttered down to the sand, where Tuli promptly attacked it. I don't think it tasted very good, however. Tuli loves to root with her nose, and Chief caught her in mid-root with a wave of sand coming up.
Good picture, honey!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unclear on the concept

We just about wet ourselves laughing when Tuli came trotting up to the door with her stick and couldn't quite make it through. She backed up and tried again. And again. Funny dog.

Apron Mode

Yucatan ICP

Here is Chief at the Yucatan Incident Command Post, ready if anything untoward should occur, such as fish jumping, a dog running up and down the beach, a dolphin swimming by or even some air traffic. He is in control and master of all he surveys. Really. Here he is ordering supplies. It's gonna be another tough day on the beach. Truly, I feel safer when he's in Chief mode.

Hangin' with Jimmy Buffet

He he is in the hammock again with his favorite reading material, a Jimmy Buffet book. This one is Swine Not, about a family who lives in a Park Avenue Hotel with a pot belly pig.

Friday, September 11, 2009


As Carol would say,"Tres chic" I may be biased but I think they look great!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Making aprons

Thelma holds everything down for me because the fans are going in all directions. It's her job.

I found some really cool Mexican Independence Day material at my favorite store, Parisina, in Merida. I bought a couple of meters (remember, just add 10% for the conversion to yds.) Cheap, cheap, cheap...maybe US $2.50/ meter. Practically free for you! SO, I bought a few meters to play with and I'm sure I can get a couple of aprons and a tablecloth and a few banners out of it. There were also a couple of other prints, one showing some Mexican guys drinking cerveza, surprise, surprise. Might have to have some of that as well! Heck, I'm out of red thread anyway. Sounds like a trip to Merida!

The continuing saga of Mike and Judy

Judy has been kidnapped! When Paul and Carol were on their walk some dirty !#$%^&* came into their yard and swiped Judy. After searching fruitlessly through the night, they came to the conclusion that their gate did not open accidentally and that somebody had swiped their sweet chickie. There have been break-ins in their neck of the woods and Judy's disappearance is the last straw. Paul and Carol are very upset as Judy was much more than just a chicken. She would sit on Paul's arm and leave them eggs on the chair. As Judy's earliest mommy, I am also sad. We keep hoping that she'll come back, but like all kidnappings, hope diminishes after the first 48 hours. Big big bummer.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pure Love

Me and my machete

I think somebody needs a haircut. It is just too hot to have long hair here, period.

Just Jammin'

Here is what you do when you are retired and you just don't give a damn!
We do have a new look now that Robin is in town but it's the same ol' rock'n'roller underneath.

Honest, we're just playing!

Coco comes to visit Tuli every day. They will sit close together and lick each other and pretty soon they are a rolling ball of legs, claws and teeth. There is a lot of growling and snarling and if you didn't know better you would think this was a fight to the death, or at least a fight to the vet!

I love the look on Tuli's face in this picture. They both give as good as they get.


Friends again.

Cool Dog

We were invited to Robin's house to hang by the pool this afternoon. Chief stayed home to watch a Giant's game, so Tuli and I took one of the watermelons from the patch and headed up to Robin's. It was roasting on the 5 minute walk, carrying the 20lb watermelon. The water was just perfect and we all ended up kind of prun-y. Robin coaxed Tuli into the pool but she wouldn't swim to him. She did lie right on the top step and looked cool as a cucumber! She loves Robin and gave him a big kiss in the bottom picture.