Monday, December 7, 2009

Bad Dog

She's going through a phase. Tuli has been with us since the beginning of April. She is a year and a month old. Since we've had her, she has never chewed anything or pooped or peed in the house. She's never even been upstairs! This morning, however, was a different story. As you can see, she has imitated a paper shredder. Worse yet, three of the books were not ours. BAD DOG. Chief made her lie in the mess for most of the morning, which she hated. Last week, she chewed up incense and some DVDs. That was when we left her in the house when we went to town. Dog whisperer, where are you?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New project

Here is my newest project, made for a washing machine! Next thing....water bottle covers for the ever present drinking water dispensers.
Picture soon!

Sandbag test

During the last norte, we experienced a lot of flooding upstairs. As fast as we could vacuum or mop it up, the rain kept flooding in. 20 gallons later, in the middle of the night we called it quits and went to bed after piling up a bunch of towels by the doors. When we woke up, the upstairs was flooded. Out came the mop and the water vac and the squeegee. After THAT, we decided to have a sandbag competition, thus cancelling any chance of rain for the immediate future. Chief decided to think like a raindrop and used a lot of duct tape on the outside of the doors and in the crack between them.

I had to have my sandbags inside, otherwise we would have been stuck on the deck forever. I had a semicircle which I was going to line with a garbage bag secured with duct tape, then duct tape the crack between the doors. However, my bags were never put to the test because the window guy came to fix our leaky doors. My door is fixed; maybe it'll rain tonight and we can all think like raindrops.
Chief's door will get fixed on Saturday. Then we'll see.

Footprints in the sand