Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Crocheted Ropes

I love making these necklaces. The beads are CHEAP and the results are fascinating. The spiral is the most compelling natural form, I think. (For better detail, click on the picture)

A visitor to our beach

This bird always scares the doody out of the cats. He's really big-probably about 4 feet high! When he takes off, his feet are clenched and held up next to his body. And the wingspan is about 6 feet. Yikes!

Birdwoman of Chuburna

Church in Conkal

This is a very old church in Conkal. Up close it's pretty intimidating and dominates the square of this little town. The front goes straight up and it's a little eerie looking thru the open windows and the bell holders.

New Friends in the neighborhood

This is Candace and Nancy, who are neighbors down the beach road a bit. Candace is from Canada and Nancy from Indiana.
Candace's husband, Phil and his friend
Kurt just got their Harleys down here, shipped by air and have been roaring up and down the street. Picture soon!

Resident pyromaniac

Everybody has burn piles out by the street, including us, of course. Ours gets torched off pretty regularly, but some of them are just waiting for a passerby with a lighter! The fire doesn't go anywhere and eventually puts itself out. The Mexicans burn the fields and use fire as a landscaping tool. So we do, too!

They kind of look like chickens...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cat Report

A Christmas gift from the Marines

The Marines invaded the beach on Friday. They probably were looking for more cocaine or Cubans. This group seemed really young, like about 12. However, they do carry AK-47s and are all dressed up with all the gear you could ever want. They took a break on the porch next door and then two of them came up to Chief and gave him two baby birds. Of course, he came right to me with them. They now live in the big cat carrier and since neither of the cats wants anything to do with it because it was a prison for a week, the birds are unmolested. They aren't too young and are trying to fly, about a foot at a time. I hope that they will make the transition to being outside full time when they are bigger. If not, there is a guy in Chuburna that keeps birds that can't adapt back to the wild. Anyway, they are pretty cute and we think that they are healthy enough to make it. They love ground up dry cat food and will peck away at it all day. Then they poop out (literally) and sleep for a bit, then more of the same. So far they aren't screeching too much. We had them out on the beach today to get themselves acclimated. I originally said no birds, but then I thought, what else am I doing?