Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still here!

Yes, it's been many moons since the last post. A lot has happened, but a lot has stayed the same. In May, shortly after the last post, we were visited by an unknown burglar, presumably a Mexican, who relieved us of cameras, our computer, our wallets, cash, etc. Not pretty. However... we have some wonderful friends and neighbors who rushed over to our house clutching handfuls of pesos to save our bacon. THEN, our dear friend Robin came by with a stack of pesos from jewelry sales at his salon. Whew. Immediate problem solved. A many hour long session with the credit card companies and our bank started the process of rebuilding our lives. An emergency loan from American Express was on it's way to Merida and all we had to do was go get it. So far, so good. A call to our wonderful landlady in South Carolina started the process of getting protectores (bars on the windows) on all the ground floor windows. We we feeling very content and that's when life jumped up and bit us in the butt. Word to the wise: Always take your wallet, purse, phone, keys, etc with you when you go upstairs for the night. And don't make it too easy for them to get in. So we learned an expensive lesson, but no-one was hurt. Our dog , Tuli, never made a peep, which was also a disappointment. So, now we are much more careful and so are all our neighbors. There are very few jobs here as unemployment is rampant and the fishing bad. Add alcoholism and drugs and you get get thieves. Too bad, and sometimes even children are pulled into the web as they are small and nimble enough to squeeze in a screen which has been cut. Whatever. More later. Time to go make stuff with my friend Nancy Gerlach in her fabulous new outdoor kitchen!