Saturday, August 29, 2009

How about some aprons?

I've been making aprons for Carol at Taco Maya. She loves vintage aprons and I copied the one she is wearing from one that she already had. The lacy heart one that Paul is modeling is a remake of a Simplicity pattern from the 1950's. It was pretty interesting to put it together with the Spanish instructions! So I'm on an apron roll now, along with bags and tablecloths and jewelry and whatever else catches my eye. I'm way busier now that I'm retired!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A concentrated stare

This was an experiment by Chief to see if Tuli and Foggy would eat off the same plate. They are very tolerant of each other, or I should say that Foggy tolerates Tuli. Tuli just wants to play. Foggy says no. Anyway, Foggy ate her little bits and Tuli just stared at her until she finished, willing her not to touch that big piece on her side of the plate. She also would not eat until Chief said it was OK, which I thought was pretty amazing. We were trying for all of the animals eating at the same time, but Thelma wanted no part of it! Maybe someday.

An elevated position

OK, what IS this dog doing up on the ledge? We don't know, but it was running along barking like crazy. Owns the place, I guess.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Mexican cutie

This little fellow is staying next door to us. He is about 4 lbs and very feisty. He and Tuli have made friends and are really cute playing together. His name is Euro.

The joy of being a dog

Horse traffic

Don't these girls look great riding bareback on this beautiful horse? I think I would look like a sack of potatoes! They gallop up and down the street all the time with various riders. This horse is as mellow as can be.

Yes, that's a horse

I was snorkeling on the reef in front of our casa the other day and when I looked up to see where I was, there was a horse with two riders just a few yards away! It belongs to our neighbors a few houses away and is a very gentle animal. Even the jet ski didn't bother it! I swam back to the house so I could alert the chief photographer and he took these pictures from the upstairs balcony.

Taco Maya

Taco Maya is our new favorite restaurant, and we don't even have to go into town to eat there! It's in Chelem, three miles to the east and our friends Paul and Carol own it. Paul is the cook and makes an awesome chimichanga, fish tacos and really good burgers. It's a funky little place and very clean. I made the tablecloths out of that good old Mexican standard, ahulado, the plastic-y tablecloth material that is everywhere here. The fence, which is totally groovy, is made from the middle of the palm fronds and nailed on the supports with bottle caps. Kind of cool, uh?

A couple of boats

These boats have been moored just off the beach for a while now. Every night the guys go fishing and come back about 2 AM. Look how glassy the water is; just another face of the Gulf.

Palapa Envy

The kids staying at the casa next door wanted to build a palapa like Chief's. So he lent them his saw and some rope and they came up with a teepee after the square structure proved too hard to construct. If you look closely, you can see the back of one of the kids. Of course, then it started raining hard and they bailed out one by one!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Surprise Cargo

It amazes me that kids can just get on a scooter with Mom, Dad and a few siblings and maybe there will be a few helmets. In the USA this would be completely unthinkable as all children under eight years old and 60 pounds have to be strapped in like a Formula I driver.

A man and his iguana

I don't think I need to say anything else, do I?

Ice, anyone?

The cops obviously don't care that this truck is not really roadworthy, they just want some ice for their drinks! This truck is our all time favorite vehicle here in the Yucatan. It takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'

Thelma Report

Peace and Harmony

This was a nice moment, very calm and harmonious, lasting long enough for Chief to get a few pictures.

Hi there

This helo flew by several times and we managed to get a shot of the passenger waving at Chief. There is somebody else's leg hanging out of the other side. Drug interdiction, no doubt.

Watermelon Man

Yes, you can grow watermelons in the Yucatan- and at the beach besides!
This one was 24 pounds and was turned into watermelon smoothies by our friends at Taco Maya, Paul and Carol.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Honest Mom, we're just playing!

Yes, it looks ferocious, but these three are doggie amigas and do this all the time. I don't think the people in the third picture think it's all in fun, though!
As you can see our Dog, Tuli, is the one with her teeth bared the most. Maybe because she was the hostess of this little get-together. The other two dogs are Maya and Rubia from down the street.
The dog with her paw on Tuli's back is her sister Rubia.

They look like they're thinking they might want to go a few houses down to get to the beach.

A little sisterly spat.

Friends again.